Monday, April 21, 2014

Dan + Shay - 19 You + Me (Official Music Video)

This week for my music blog, I am going with a song that my daughter loves.

Dan + Shay are a newer duo to the country music scene, but if this song is any indication of what they will become, I foresee them being around for a long time.  19 You + Me is a summer song for me, and I am sure for others as well.

It's almost summer and this song just seems to fit. I am sure most people have experienced that 'summer romance".  I can remember going on vacation with my family, being a freshman in high school and meeting a guy in the pool at the hotel. Just happened that it was Myrtle Beach, and I ended up spending just about every day that week with him when I wasn't with my family. I think my brothers actually must have liked him too because they didn't harass me about him and even hung out with us some.  Of course when the week was over we both headed back to wherever we had come from before the summer. I was a young and innocent kid at that time, and I remember doing nothing more than holding his hand and a couple of sweet short kisses, but then again this was in the early 1980's.  I am sure the teens today experiencing a "summer romance" are nothing like I was back then.

Each time I hear this song I think about that time, and it is not even the guy as much, although it is a sweet memory, it is more the innocence of that summer. The time spent with family and a cute guy, before the years of high school and conflicts with parents began. It was a time that was enjoyable and worth remembering.

Of course, at the same time, when I listen to this I am brought back to today and the fact that I am no longer a teenager, but have my own children who are just now entering the teen years. I wonder if they will experience the "summer romance" and will it leave a memory on them like my own did. I only hope that I have raised them and taught hem to take things slow so that they will have a sweet and innocent summer memory to look back on. At the same time, as much as I have fond memories and think it was a good time, as a parent I almost don't want them to have the same experience. I guess that is the parent issue, you want your kids to experience life and have the great things but at the same time you don't want them to experience everything that you did, especially if it wasn't the best of experiences.

As summer is ready to begin, as you listen to this song, think back to your summers growing up, and I hope you think of them fondly. I wish for the sweet and innocent experiences of a summer romance for all to shape you into the future adults that you will become. Only music can capture those memories and experiences and share them with the world.


Country Universe Review   **sharing the review of the song, but not saying I agree with the review, just want to give you options**

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