Monday, June 30, 2014

Tim McGraw - Meanwhile Back At Mama's ft. Faith Hill

Like most everyone else, I first heard this song on the CMT Awards show. I loved it, there was something about it, besides the fact that his wife joined him onstage that I liked.

This song reminds me of life as it used to be, and some days I really wish I could go back to a simpler life like back at my grandparents. There was so much less to worry about, less technology but so much more fun. Running in the yard, gardens and eating off the land. Just a simpler more natural time. I miss that so much some days that I feel this song.  

Every time I hear this song I think of the small town roots, being someone everybody knows, the corn fields and the ridges, the sunsets and the fun of running in the yard and never having to worry about being outside of letting the kids play outside.

Even though I have chosen a small town to raise my kids in, we don't live in the country and there isn't as much room to roam as what there was back on my grandparents place. This is a place were you know a lot of people and what they are doing and I have to admit that I love that about our little town. It's also a place where I feel reasonably comfortable letting my kids play outside and walk back and forth between their friends houses. Still some of the concerns of the big towns have started to creep into our small town.

The video itself is a wonderful look and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill together, which is just romantic. They have made a go of a marriage based on love and faith in a place were there is little respect for the older values. I applaud them.

Hopefully, when you see the video or hear the song, you will think about the older times, the slower times, and take the time to slow down and spend time with your family. Supper's on the table, let's all sit down together!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Josh Turner - Long Black Train

This song may be a bit older, but it is still one that I love!

Josh Turner is an amazing singer. i mean really, when he hits that low register, well it just makes me weak in the knees. Of course it probably does just about every other woman out there too! There is just something about that voice that is amazing and makes you feel things when you are listening to it.

The song itself is another story! I love what it says, what it's message is and that it is a moral and value inducing song. There are so many good things about it. When we hear it, it is something that I can spend time talking with my kids about and discussing what is going on and what he is taking about. I love songs like that, that start a conversation with my kids. They have become teenagers and it is important to me to keep open communication with them, so when something on the radio will start a really deep conservation, I am in heaven. This song always brings us to a deep conservation about faith and religion and friends and school.

No matter how old the song, this is one that is worth another look and listen to!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sara Evans - Slow Me Down (Official Video)

I have loved Sara Evans for years now! So glad to see her making music again and this song is just amazing!

I love this song, even if it hits way too close to home right now. It is just something that says the words that are so hard to say to that other person when you are in the middle of a situation. In fact, it if wasn't for the fact that the other person in my life that needs to hear this didn't hate country music, I would have already have sent this too them. 

I know, how can anyone hate country music, and if I love country music so much, how can I have someone in my life that hates it so much. The same reason that I have let someone who tears me down all the time stay in my life for twenty years, I have been afraid to leave, to walk away and be on my own. To know that I failed at something I wanted to work out.

After numerous attempts at counseling and a lot of soul-searching. I listen to this song again and I realize that it is not a reflection on me if I walk away. I have to be stronger to walk away, it doesn't take anything to stay. I am not a failure, I am someone who finally realizes that I don't have to live with the hate and the snide comments all the time, I am worth more than that.

Thank you Sara Evans, for this song at the right time in my life. I am sure I am not the only one, and I am sure that there are those out there that are able to learn from this song and fix things that need to be fixed before it's too late. Maybe it can be fixed, another attempt at counseling is always an option.

Hope you all enjoy the song as much as I do!

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Swon Brothers - Later On - The Voice Highlights - Official Video at the end

The official video to this song was just released this week, and I for one am so glad to know that. I can't get it to share on here yet, but when I can I will have to share it.

My daughter and I love to watch The Voice together, and we have been Team Blake fans from day one! Well, actually I should say season two. We did not watch the first season, but have watched every season since then.  So many people want to complain about Blake Shelton being the winning-est coach on The Voice, like the thing is rigged or something, please! He wins because he is a good coach and he knows what he is doing when he picks people for his team.  I think a great example of that is too look at what his team members are doing today.

The Swon Brothers were part of Team Blake, and even though they did not win their season, they still are doing well. They were picked up, have a song on the radio and now a video. If you look at other seasons of Team Blake, you will see other team members that did not win but that are still producing music and working on getting contracts. I mean Terry McDermott is on tour in Ireland right now.  I haven't heard of anything anyone on any of the other teams are doing now.

Enough about The Voice, how about The Swon Brothers! These are two little cuties! And yes I can say that about them because they are both probably young enough to be my kids, which is scary but it seems to be how the music world is going nowdays. No one my age is making music anymore, they are all retiring! They are cute, they sound great together and I can't wait to see what more they have in store for us all!

Congrats to the Swon Brothers!! 

Find them on Twitter:  @SwonBrothers (Fan page) and @TheSwonBrothers

Can upload the Official video now:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up

This newer song by Brantley Gilbert, or BG as the ladies in the video call him, is probably one of my favorite.  

The song is a party song, talks about a country party of course, and there are a number of those out there and that is what country music is about so that is nothing new. His voice is smooth when this song starts, and that is really nice.

Now, when you see this video, in the middle, you see the regular old Brantley Gilbert and he is a fine guy, but there is nothing special about him to me at that point. He is just another singer. Maybe a little bit too rock-n-roll for my tastes in his tattoo's and dress.

At the beginning and end of this video he is dressed in gangster wear, the white wife-beater t-shirt, dress pants, and holsters and I just have to say that when I see him like that, well I am gone! He is just too sexy for words!! It makes my knees weak! Don't know what it is about that outfit, but that and the smooth, sexy tone of his voice when the song begins, and I am lost!

Now, after having seen the video, every time I hear this on the radio that is what I picture in my mind when it comes on and I am lost. That sexy voice and him in that sexy gangster outfit! Ugh! Whoever told him to do that for this video was right on the money!

Congrats to BG for a great song and great video! Keep up the good work!

Update: Just found out that Brantley is only 29 years old! OMG! Now I feel terrible! I mean really! I am old enough to be his momma! This is getting crazy. All these new young singers out there, it's making me feel older!