Monday, June 2, 2014

Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up

This newer song by Brantley Gilbert, or BG as the ladies in the video call him, is probably one of my favorite.  

The song is a party song, talks about a country party of course, and there are a number of those out there and that is what country music is about so that is nothing new. His voice is smooth when this song starts, and that is really nice.

Now, when you see this video, in the middle, you see the regular old Brantley Gilbert and he is a fine guy, but there is nothing special about him to me at that point. He is just another singer. Maybe a little bit too rock-n-roll for my tastes in his tattoo's and dress.

At the beginning and end of this video he is dressed in gangster wear, the white wife-beater t-shirt, dress pants, and holsters and I just have to say that when I see him like that, well I am gone! He is just too sexy for words!! It makes my knees weak! Don't know what it is about that outfit, but that and the smooth, sexy tone of his voice when the song begins, and I am lost!

Now, after having seen the video, every time I hear this on the radio that is what I picture in my mind when it comes on and I am lost. That sexy voice and him in that sexy gangster outfit! Ugh! Whoever told him to do that for this video was right on the money!

Congrats to BG for a great song and great video! Keep up the good work!

Update: Just found out that Brantley is only 29 years old! OMG! Now I feel terrible! I mean really! I am old enough to be his momma! This is getting crazy. All these new young singers out there, it's making me feel older!

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