Monday, June 9, 2014

The Swon Brothers - Later On - The Voice Highlights - Official Video at the end

The official video to this song was just released this week, and I for one am so glad to know that. I can't get it to share on here yet, but when I can I will have to share it.

My daughter and I love to watch The Voice together, and we have been Team Blake fans from day one! Well, actually I should say season two. We did not watch the first season, but have watched every season since then.  So many people want to complain about Blake Shelton being the winning-est coach on The Voice, like the thing is rigged or something, please! He wins because he is a good coach and he knows what he is doing when he picks people for his team.  I think a great example of that is too look at what his team members are doing today.

The Swon Brothers were part of Team Blake, and even though they did not win their season, they still are doing well. They were picked up, have a song on the radio and now a video. If you look at other seasons of Team Blake, you will see other team members that did not win but that are still producing music and working on getting contracts. I mean Terry McDermott is on tour in Ireland right now.  I haven't heard of anything anyone on any of the other teams are doing now.

Enough about The Voice, how about The Swon Brothers! These are two little cuties! And yes I can say that about them because they are both probably young enough to be my kids, which is scary but it seems to be how the music world is going nowdays. No one my age is making music anymore, they are all retiring! They are cute, they sound great together and I can't wait to see what more they have in store for us all!

Congrats to the Swon Brothers!! 

Find them on Twitter:  @SwonBrothers (Fan page) and @TheSwonBrothers

Can upload the Official video now:

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