Monday, June 23, 2014

Josh Turner - Long Black Train

This song may be a bit older, but it is still one that I love!

Josh Turner is an amazing singer. i mean really, when he hits that low register, well it just makes me weak in the knees. Of course it probably does just about every other woman out there too! There is just something about that voice that is amazing and makes you feel things when you are listening to it.

The song itself is another story! I love what it says, what it's message is and that it is a moral and value inducing song. There are so many good things about it. When we hear it, it is something that I can spend time talking with my kids about and discussing what is going on and what he is taking about. I love songs like that, that start a conversation with my kids. They have become teenagers and it is important to me to keep open communication with them, so when something on the radio will start a really deep conservation, I am in heaven. This song always brings us to a deep conservation about faith and religion and friends and school.

No matter how old the song, this is one that is worth another look and listen to!

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