Monday, June 30, 2014

Tim McGraw - Meanwhile Back At Mama's ft. Faith Hill

Like most everyone else, I first heard this song on the CMT Awards show. I loved it, there was something about it, besides the fact that his wife joined him onstage that I liked.

This song reminds me of life as it used to be, and some days I really wish I could go back to a simpler life like back at my grandparents. There was so much less to worry about, less technology but so much more fun. Running in the yard, gardens and eating off the land. Just a simpler more natural time. I miss that so much some days that I feel this song.  

Every time I hear this song I think of the small town roots, being someone everybody knows, the corn fields and the ridges, the sunsets and the fun of running in the yard and never having to worry about being outside of letting the kids play outside.

Even though I have chosen a small town to raise my kids in, we don't live in the country and there isn't as much room to roam as what there was back on my grandparents place. This is a place were you know a lot of people and what they are doing and I have to admit that I love that about our little town. It's also a place where I feel reasonably comfortable letting my kids play outside and walk back and forth between their friends houses. Still some of the concerns of the big towns have started to creep into our small town.

The video itself is a wonderful look and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill together, which is just romantic. They have made a go of a marriage based on love and faith in a place were there is little respect for the older values. I applaud them.

Hopefully, when you see the video or hear the song, you will think about the older times, the slower times, and take the time to slow down and spend time with your family. Supper's on the table, let's all sit down together!

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