Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little Big Town - Girl Crush

Absolutely love this song!! Everytime it goes on I have to turn the radio all the way up and sing along!!

There has been undue talk about the song and what it means, and to be honest I could care less what some idiot on TV or radio or newspaper says they think the song is about.  Listening to it with my kids, we all got the same message, and it sparked some great car conversations!!

To us, the song is sang by a woman, who is love with a guy, but he happens to be into this other woman, and all she wants is what this other girl has in hopes of getting his attention.

I have been into a guy that didn't want me, but was into someone else, but I can never say that I ever felt that low that I wanted to be her, to change my hair or perfume or whatever to get him to notice me, but I can remember so many girls in high school falling into that trap.  Trying to change who they were for a guy.

As I said, this song has sparked many a great car conversation. You know those spur of the moment talks between a parent and child that you can't plan, but that are real and deep and sometimes are the greatest moments in parenting you can ever have.  I have a 15 1/2 year old son and a 14 year old daughter, along with a younger 11 year old daughter. Most of the conversations are with the older two about this song, but the younger one gets to hear it all too.

We've talked about the song, how it made them each feel and what they felt about it. I admitted to my kids about my feelings as a teen in high school, and knowing so many girls that tried to change for a guy.  I talk to my daughter about it a great deal because she is at that age where everyone is testing out this dating thing, and she wonders sometimes if she is "too smart" or "too active" or "too into dance" or a million other things for the guys in her class. I tell her all the time, that she has to be herself. They may not see it right now, but you can't try to be someone else for a guy (or a girl for that matter, I tell my son).

We talk about the girls in school that act dumb around the boys, or the ones that walk hunched over so they don't seem as tall. We talk about boys doing the same things and I try to impress on them everytime we end up in one of these conversations that trying to change yourself and be someone else is never going to work. You might get the guy (or girl) but you are not going to be happy, you have to be true to yourself.

Music - not only does it stir emotions in each and everyone of us, it can spark wonderful conversations with your children, and in a day and age when everyone is rushing around so much, every little bit of time that we can grab to talk to them is well worth it!

Thank you Little Big Town for sparking some great car conversations for my family!!

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